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Click on links to view news articles covering the Afghanistan musician crisis.
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August 8, 2021  Orchestras and Artists of Afghanistan Insist Taliban Won't Stop the Music from The UK Times 

August 19, 2021 I Pray We Will Sing Again - The Bleak Future for Musicians in Afghanistan from The UK Times 

August 26, 2021 Taliban to Ban Music in Public Because it is Un-Islamic  from the UK Times

August 31, 2021 Taliban Executes Folk Singer after Announcing a Public Music Ban in Afghanistan  from Classic FM


September 4, 2021 Afghan Musicians Silently Await their Fate as Taliban’s Ban Looms  from The Guardian

September 8, 2021 After Taliban's Takeover, Piano and Other Musical Instruments Destroyed  from Republic World

September 10, 2021  Afghan Female Orchestra's Escape Halted 100 Yards from Freedom from Wall Street Journal

September 10, 2021 Local Woman Helps Female Afghanistan Musicians  from Bainbridge Island Review

September 12, 2021  Afghan Musicians Flee Kabul Fearing for Their Lives Under Taliban Rule from NDTV

September 16, 2021  On the Run from the Taliban; Musicians Face Uncertain Future  from Billboard

September 16, 2021  Afghan Musicians Mourn Abandoned Instruments after Taliban Takeover  from France 24

September 16, 2021  Afghanistan's Singers Flee Taliban Violence  from BBC News

September 17, 2021  I'm Alive But the Taliban Took My Soul from France 24

September 18, 2021  Now, Silence: Afghan Musicians Abandon Their Instruments from Manila Standard

September 22, 2021  Once Thriving Afghan Music Scene is Going Silent  from Las Vegas Sun

September 23, 2021  Under Taliban, Thriving Afghan Music Scene Heads to Silence  from AP News


September 24, 2021  Images Show Afghan Musicians Living in Fear As Taliban Atrocities are Exposed from Republic World

September 29, 2021  Afghan Music Scene Going Silent Under the Taliban  from Hindustan Times

October 3, 2021  The Taliban are Trying to Murder Music  from The UK Times

October 3, 2021 Afghan Musicians Flee, Fearing Taliban Rule from The New York Times

October 4, 2021 Afghan orchestra musicians, music students and teachers have escaped the Taliban  NPR


October 4, 2021 Afghan Female Musicians Evacuated to Qatar After Prior US-Led Effort Fell Short from The Wall Street Journal

October 4, 2021 More than 100 Afghans from Music School Flown Out of Country from AP News

October 4, 2021  Afghan Music School Students Flown Out, Headed to Portugal from News Channel 3

October 5, 2021 Asylum Call for Afghan Musicians Backed by Some NI Politicians from BBC News

October 5, 2021 100 Musicians Flee Afghanistan Head to Portugal from The NY Post

October 6, 2021 Viral Load from CBC Listen

October 8, 2021 Portugal: Afghan Music Students Granted Asylum The Pie News

October 13, 2021 Fleeing Afghan Musicians Stuck in Limbo in Pakistan from Aljazeera


October 13, 2021  Performers Urge UK Govnts to Provide Visas to Silenced Afghan Musicians from Violin Channel

October 22, 2021 Afghan musicians urge Taliban to facilitate alternative jobs to them as music is banned from ANI

November 2, 2021 Three Wedding Guests Gunned Down for Playing Music at Wedding  from Newsweek

November 18, 2021 Kabul's 'music street' falls silent under Taliban rule from The National

November 18, 2021 Afghanistan's only music school completes exit from Kabul fearing Taliban crackdown from NBC News

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